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Rose Mallow

Hibiscus moscheutos

Rose mallow flowers have five petals and may be white or pink. (dogtooth77/Flickr)
Rose mallow flowers have five petals and may be white or pink. (dogtooth77/Flickr)

Rose mallow is a native perennial plant with beautiful white or pink flowers that bloom from mid-summer through early autumn.


The rose mallow has white or pink hibiscus flowers with five petals. The flowers have a deep pink or burgundy center with a yellow stamen and grow to 6 to 8 inches in diameter. They bloom from mid-summer through early autumn. The rose mallow's leaves are green and wedge-shaped with velvety undersides; the leaves can grow to 8 inches in length. The plant has round stems with tiny hairs and a broad, round base. Rose mallow grows to 7 feet tall.


Grows in fresh, brackish and salt marshes and wetlands. Prefers full to partial sun.


Found mostly in the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia; also grows in the upper Piedmont Valley.

Reproduction and Life Cycle:

About one month after flowering, seed capsules mature and turn brown. Seed pods eventually split open, allowing seeds to scatter.

Other Facts:

  • The rose mallow is also known as the swamp mallow, marsh mallow and marsh hibiscus.
  • It has been used medicinally in the form of tea to treat digestive and urinary tract inflammations.
  • There are many rose mallow cultivars that come in various colors, such as hot pink and ruby red.

Sources and Additional Information:

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