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Ad Hoc BMP Verification Transparency Subgroup

Scope and Purpose

The BMP Verification Transparency Subgroup was convened by the BMP Verification Committee at its February 21, 2013 meeting in response to a request from the CBP Partnership’s Agriculture Workgroup.  The Transparency Subgroup was charged by the BMP Verification Committee with developing recommendations for how to address the issue of ensuring transparency in the context of the agricultural verification protocols and reporting back to the Agricultural Workgroup its recommendations for addressing transparency.

  • Mark Dubin (Coordinator), University of Maryland
  • Jeremy Hanson (Staff), Virginia Tech

  • Bill Angstadt, Delaware Maryland Agribusiness Association
  • Frank Coale, University of Maryland
  • Mark Davis, Delaware Department of Agriculture
  • Jack Frye, Chesapeake Bay Commission
  • Rebecca Hanmer, Retired
  • Roy Hoagland, HOPE Impacts, LLC
  • Matt Monroe, West Virginia Department of Agriculture
  • Gary Shenk, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

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