Bay News for Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A big hurricane in 1933 changed a lot of things around the Chesapeake Bay
The Washington Post 9/27/2014

Good: sturgeon return. Bad: rockfish fall. Ugly: a killer plant comes back to the bay
The Washington Post 9/28/2014

Watermen question striped bass science
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 9/28/2014

NRP boats now have live video streaming capability
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 9/27/2014

EPA Proposed Changes to Clean Water Act Baffle Farmers
The (New York, NY) Epoch Times 9/26/2014

Warmer Bay will change fishery
The (Fredericksburg, Va.) Free Lance-Star 9/28/2014

Chesapeake Bay Foundation issues life of clean-up actions 9/27/2014

Chesapeake Bay Trust Announces Almost $1 Million in Grants to Improve Local Communities
WBOC 16 (Salisbury, Md.) TV 9/26/2014

All waters are connected
The Fairfax (Va.) Times 9/26/2014

Natural Resources Police are using a military-grade radar network to nab oyster poachers in the Chesapeake Bay.
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 9/25/2014,0,3605454.story

Dispute over sand dunes grows heated in Ocean View
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 9/25/2014

Preservation, Government Groups Gather to Share Concerns on Proposed Over-River Power Line
The Williamsburg Yorktown (Va.) Daily 9/26/2014

Ashland is site of Bay grant announcement
The (Hanover, Pa.) Herald-Progress 9/25/2014

CRA meets no opposition so far on No Discharge Zone
The Kent County (Md.) News 9/25/2014

PennVEST, DEP Announce Results Of Forward Nutrient Credit Trading Auction 9/25/2014

Opinion: Brown, Hogan disagree on how to address Chesapeake pollution
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/26/2014

Opinion: Transparency needed on phosphorus study
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 9/26/2014

Opinion: Farms going out of business if phosphorus tool continues
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 9/26/2014

Opinion: Marylanders recognize climate change
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/25/2014,0,1729279.story

Opinion: Our endangered environment
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/23/2014,0,691095.story

Opinion: Birders shouldn’t be cheep-skates when it comes to funding habitat
Maryland Newzap 9/21/2014

Opinion: Hard choices for the Chesapeake
The Carroll County (Md.) Times 9/21/2014,0,2654670.column

Opinion: Near the dock of the Chesapeake Bay sits Calvert Marine Museum: Not far by car
PennLive 9/17/2014

Opinion: Overuse or overshoot? That is the question for Harrisburg
The Philadelphia (Pa.) Tribune 9/12/2014

Opinion: Corporations over influence bay cleanup
The (Staunton, Va.) News Leader 9/12/2014

Opinion: Polluted waters killing an industry
The Suffolk (Va.) News-Herald 9/12/2014

Opinion: Grand Opening of River to Bay
Southern Maryland News Net 9/12/2014

Opinion: Longtime build-up of sediment at Conowingo is a concern but not an excuse to reduce Maryland's Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/9/2014,0,6132974.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+baltimoresun%2Fnews%2Fopinion%2Fletters%2Frss2+(Letters+to+the+Editor)

Opinion: Did Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown really ‘tax the rain’?
The Washington Post 9/8/2014

Opinion: Chesapeake Bay, EPA and agriculture
Agweek 9/8/2014

Editorial: Perdue chairman's complaints about Maryland don't add up
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/22/2014,0,5076223.story

Editorial: 'Rain tax' dithering
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 9/18/2014

Editorial: Area gets ready to celebrate the creation of our national anthem
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 9/7/2014,0,2740848.story

Editorial: Water Inequality
The (Ashland, Va.) Herald-Progress 9/4/2014

Editorial: Farming and economics
The Kent County (Md.) News 9/4/2014

Editorial: Dead zone shows Bay's pollution problems
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 9/3/2014

Editorial: Conowingo sediment is no reason for Maryland to stop fighting Chesapeake Bay pollution
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/1/2014

Editorial: Emerald ash borers invade Baltimore
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 8/25/2014,0,1417707.story

Editorial: Mikulski seeks to block Eastern Shore wind farm
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 8/18/2014,0,1264754.story

Editorial: Let's build trust on environment
MyEasternShoreMD 8/13/2014

Editorial: Changes in fish signal problems with waters
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 8/11/2014

Editorial: Water access efforts like new facility at Shady Side Park crucial to bay
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 8/8/2014,0,4578051.story

Editorial: Fish an indicator something is wrong
The (Sunbury, Pa.) Daily Item 8/6/2014

Editorial: Clean water a work in progress
The (Carlisle, Pa.) Sentinel 7/31/2014

Editorial: A sick river: Susquehanna should be declared 'impaired'
Lancaster Online 7/30/2014

Blog: How do you farm-raise clams and oysters? A trip to Virginia answers the question 9/26/2014

Blog: Pennsylvania Commits to Action Plan to Improve State Waters and Chesapeake Bay
Pennsylvania DEP 9/22/2014

Blog: World Stands By As Algae and Dead Zones Ruin Water
Circle of Blue 9/25/2014

Blog: $9.8 million in grant funds will reduce pollution, restore habitats in Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Program 9/23/2014

Blog: Business Specialist Teaches Aquaculture Farmers in Myanmar
Maryland Sea Grant 9/18/2014

Blog: USDA Initiative Helps Farmers Keep Water Clean in Chesapeake Bay
USDA Blog 9/23/2014

Blog: This Massive Squirrel Has Been Saved from Extinction
Scientific American 9/23/2014

Blog: Eleven lighthouses in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
Chesapeake Bay Program 9/22/2014

Blog: Water Management Plan Approved by County Board
ARL Now 9/22/2014

Blog: Log Canoe Racing, Not Your Ho-Hum Regatta
All At Sea 9/18/2014

Blog: Campbell Foundation’s executive director to retire
Chesapeake Bay Program 9/17/2014

Blog: In 100 Years, Maryland's Crab Cakes Might Be Shrimp Cakes
Smithsonian 9/16/2014

Blog: Crab industry, and crab sheds for soft-shell ones, struggle to rebound after Katrina 9/16/2014

Blog: Maryland faces worse climate-driven flooding, report warns
B'More Green 9/16/2014,0,6656956.story

Blog: Virginia is for (oyster) lovers
USA Today Travel 9/15/2014

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