Bay News for Saturday, February 28, 2015

US funds totaling $1.75 million to assist Va. farmers, further Chesapeake Bay cleanup
Associated Press 2/27/2015

Maryland rockfish poacher could face prison term
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/26/2015

Hogan unveils phosphorus management regulations
The (Gaithersburg, Md.) Gazette 2/27/2015

Mixed Early Reviews On Governor’s PMT Proposal
The (Ocean City, Md.) Dispatch 2/26/2015

Virginia receives federal grant to advance Chesapeake Bay cleanup
Augusta Free Press 2/26/2015

CBF, Stroud Water Center Applaud Introduction Of New Stream Buffer Bill 2/26/2015

5 Things To Look For In Gov. Wolf’s Budget Address Next Week 2/26/2015

On Tilghman Island, law-breaking watermen are defended
The Washington Post 2/25/2015

MD manure-to-energy plant appears to be going nowhere
Bay Journal 2/25/2015

Ag groups back Hogan's PMT
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 2/25/2015

$1.6 Million in Grants for a Greener Maryland
The (Boulder, Colo.) Public News Service 2/25/2015

Polluters spending $5M to pollute Virginia politics
Augusta Free Press 2/25/2015

Chief Engineer Sentenced for Pollution 2/25/2015

Environmental supports cheer regulations on chicken manure
Associated Press 2/24/2015

New review of menhaden stock reveals population is in good shape
Bay Journal 2/23/2015

Opinion: Can't have cake & eat it
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 2/26/2015

Opinion: Hogan, like many in GOP, is committed to environment
Southern Maryland Newspapers Online 2/25/2015

Opinion: Runoff fee at work across Maryland
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 2/21/2015,0,4868087.story

Opinion: Female crab ban; Immigration threats; Economic growth
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 2/20/2015,0,2190289.story

Opinion: Save the stormwater fee
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 2/22/2015,0,7857506.story

Opinion: City Farm, pet rescues, Chesapeake Bay, ethics, immigration
The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press 2/20/2015

Opinion: Republicans are not good stewards of the Chesapeake
The (Gaithersburg, Md.) Gazette 2/19/2015

Opinion: Litter can kill animals
The (Camarillo, Cal.) Moorpark Acron 2/18/2015

Opinion: Drowning in An Ocean of Misinformation?
Power Line 2/18/2015

Opinion: Water pollution a result of overpopulation
VTDigger 2/18/2015

Opinion: The Environmental Threat of Atlantic Drilling Is Too Great
The New York Times 2/18/2015

Opinion: A Long-Term Need for Oil Can Be Safely Met
The New York Times 2/18/2015

Snow days ain't what they used to be
Federal News Radio 2/17/2015

Opinion: Hogan’s budget may harm quality of life
Southern Maryland Newspapers Online 2/18/2015

Opinion: Maryland rain tax
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/16/2015

Editorial: Maryland must hold the line on chicken manure
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/25/2015

Editorial: Tilghman Island rockfish poaching
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/24/2015

Editorial: Larry Hogan rain tax repeal
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/11/2015

Editorial: Balancing finances and the Bay
The (College Park, Md.) Diamondback 2/8/2015

Editorial: At one with the earth, at last
Rappahannock News 2/5/2015

Editorial: Fully fund bay restoration projects
The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch 2/4/2015

Editorial: Dealing with fracking
The (Fredericksburg, Va.) Free Lance-Star 1/30/2015

Editorial: Obama administration wrong to approve Atlantic drilling
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 1/28/2015

Editorial: Good news on water quality
The Kent County (Md.) News 1/28/2015

Editorial: Hogan shelves chicken manure rules
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 1/27/2015

Editorial: Baltimore County joins retreat on Chesapeake Bay cleanup
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 1/22/2015

Editorial: James too Critical to Let Slip Away
The (Lynchburg, Va.) News & Advance 1/22/2015

Editorial: 'Rain tax' ripe for repeal?
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 1/20/2014

Don't abandon smart growth and the Chesapeake Bay
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 1/15/2015

Editorial: Bay's grade unworthy of cheer
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 1/15/15

Blog: Water Reflections: A Traveler Stumbles Upon Dry Land
Triple Pundit 2/27/2015

Blog: USGS study reveals sediment storage for Conowingo Dam nears capacity
Water Technology Online 2/26/2015

Blog: Legislature, Governor start debating a fix for phosphorus overload
Bay Journal 2/25/2015

Blog: 5 tips for eco-friendly gardening
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 2/25/2015

Blog: Miller moves to drop 'rain tax' mandate
B'More Green 2/25/2015

Blog: Enhanced phosphorus management regulations announced by Maryland Governor
Feedstuffs 2/25/2015

Blog: 4 Acidic Ocean 'Hot Zones' That Threaten Oyster And Clam Populations
Popular Science 2/25/2015

Blog: Shellfish 'hot zones' hit hard by acidic oceans
Futurity 2/25/2015

Blog: Climate change is really bad news if you like oysters, scallops and clams
The Washington Post 2/24/2015

Blog: Acidifying Waters Are Endangering Your Oysters And Mussels
Bay Area Bites 2/23/2015

Blog: Bio Environmental: Bridging the Gap Between the Agricultural Industry, the Environment and the Taxpayers
Baystreet 2/24/2015

Blog: Things Just Got Real: Communicating Research Results Is Serious Business
Maryland Sea Grant Fellowship Experiences 2/17/2015

Blog: Photo Essay: Exploring the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway
Chesapeake Bay Program 2/23/2015

Blog: Extreme February cold ices over most of Chesapeake Bay in rare event
The Washington Post 2/23/2015

Blog: 12 of the most destructive invasive plants and animals in the United States
The Washington Post 2/23/2015

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