Bay News for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maryland Students And Teachers Research To Improve Chesapeake Bay's Health At Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education
PR Newswire 7/21/2014

Farm lobby refutes pollution study; debate points to problems with data
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 7/21/2014

Oyster harvest: Virginia's oyster harvest hits half a million bushels last year, the biggest since 1987
The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press 7/22/2014,0,6580197.story

Oyster harvest reached record numbers in 2013
WAVY 10 (Virginia Beach, Va.) TV 7/21/2014

Blog: The most promising technology for cleaning up ocean plastic is a giant wheel
Quartz 7/22/2014

Porous pavement gets a tryout in Maryland
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/19/2014

Spat planted in Harris Creek Friday
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 7/20/2014

Miles River motion ages vinegar aboard skipjack Rosie Parks
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 7/20/2014

Federal grant to help Bethel control runoff into Chesapeake Bay
The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal 7/18/2014

‘Reclaim Our River’ brings Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta to the Nanticoke
The Sussex County (Del.) Post 7/18/2014

Agencies respond to environmental group's phosphorus claims
The Kent County (Md.) News 7/18/2014

Agency announces environmental review of controversial gas pipeline
Lancaster Online 7/18/2014

Town of Bethel Receives $100K Grant for Innovative Green Infrastructure
WBOC 16 (Salisbury, Md.) TV 7/18/2014

An island in Chesapeake Bay is disappearing — and so is a British dialect and a piece of history
Public Radio International 7/20/2014

Va. storm-surge wall studied along Chesapeake Bay
Associated Press 7/18/2014

Opinion: Sound bites won't do
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 7/22/2014

Opinion: Lawmakers are right to oppose 'pollution diet'
The Roanoke (Va.) Times 7/22/2014

Opinion: Wake Up to Danger of Saltwater Intrusion
The Cape Charles (Va.) Wave 7/21/2014

Opinion: Don’t be crabby over bushel prices
Southern Maryland Newspapers Online 7/18/2014

Opinion: Tax activities that do harm to the environment
The Baltimore (Md.) 7/16/2014,0,5278599.story

Opinion: White-tailed dear and rockfish
The (Dorchester, Md.) 7/16/2014

Goodlatte wrong about the Chesapeake Bay
The (Stauton, Va.) News Leader 7/16/2014

Opinion: Muddying the bay's waters
The Roanoke (Va.) Times 7/16/2014

Opinion: Environmental Propagandists Full Of It Over Dog Poo Run Off 7/14/2014

Opinion: A Pipeline Threatens Our Family Land
The New York Times 7/12/2014

Opinion: Legislation to clean up the Chesapeake Bay imperiled in the Senate
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/11/2014

Opinion: 10 Things You Should Know About the U.S. Seafood Supply
Food Safety News 7/14/2014

TOXIC WATER, VOMITING CHILDREN Living near an oil fracking operation
The (Everett, Wa.) Sky Valley News 7/11/2014

Opinion: Harris attacks Bay cleanup
Cecil Whig - 07/02/2014

Opinion: Maryland's unhappy residents
Baltimore Sun - 07/02/2014

Editorial: Tighten Chesapeake coal waste regulations
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/22/2014

Knowledge amid a changing climate
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/20/2014

Editorial: At Harrisburg's water-sewer outfit, the grownups have taken charge
PennLive 7/9/2014

Editorial: The Environmental Protection Agency is swimming in murky water
The Washington Post 7/8/2014

Editorial: Eastern Shore boycott justified but doomed
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/7/2014,0,4748548.story

Opinion: Harris attacks Bay cleanup
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 7/4/2014

Editorial: New Bay cleanup pact sets clear course
The Star Democrat (MD) - 07/02/2014

Editorial: No harm in state panel on climate
The Charlottesville (VA) Daily Progress - 07/03/2014

Editorial: Our say: Bay Pact
The Annapolis (Md.) Capital-Gazette 06/21/2014

Editorial: Trying to agree on Chesapeake Bay cleanup
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 06/23/2014

Editorial: Focus on facts about Chesapeake Bay
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 06/19/2014

Editorial: States commit to cleanup
The Carroll County (Md.) Times 6/18/2014

Editorial: Make the Fracking Recipe Public
The (Lynchburg, Va.) News & Advance 6/17/2014

Editorial: Chesapeake Bay health affects us
The (Cumberland, Md.) Sentinel 6/16/2014

Editorial: Watermen protest fossil oyster shell
The Kent County (Md.) News 5/14/2014

Blog: Maryland Department of Natural Resources links watermen with chefs
Chesapeake Bay Program 7/22/2014

Blog: Anacostia, Patapsco restoration projects receive funding
Chesapeake Bay Program 7/21/2014

Blog: Cecil County Establishes First Watershed Stewards Academy on Eastern Shore
Maryland Sea Grant 7/17/2014

Blog: EPA's Plan for Virginia Farmers, Part Two
Farm Futures 7/21/2014

Blog: Keeping an Eye on Miller Run
Bucknell University 7/21/2014

Blog: Virginia Oyster Harvests Continue to Climb
The Fish Site 7/22/2014

Blog: Conservation
Fly Rod & Reel Magazine 7/21/2014

Blog: Chesapeake Bay manure use vs. the rest of the country
Bay Journal 7/20/2014

Blog: Scientists tally crabs and fish to see how oyster reef rebuilding affects them
B'More Green 7/20/2014,0,2688219.story

Blog: DE town to implement innovative green infrastructure
WaterWorld 7/18/2014

Blog: College Park officials fund green projects for a sustainable future
Diamondback 7/17/2014

Blog: New reports detail lack of progress in Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts
WaterWorld 7/15/2014

Blog: Massive Natural Gas Protest in D.C. Highlights How Fracking Is Invading Our Coastlines
Axis of Logic 7/16/2014

Blog: Photo Essay: Artificial reefs slow erosion, build habitat on Chester River
Chesapeake Bay Program 7/14/2014

Blog: EPA's Plan for Virginia Farmers
Farm Futures 7/14/2014

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