Bay News for Thursday, November 27, 2014

O’Malley says he is ready to allow ‘fracking’ in Western Maryland, with strict safeguards
The Washington Post 11/25/2014

Hogan criticizes O'Malley for 'last minute' actions
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/25/2014

Aquaculture debated in Delaware, booming in Maryland
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 11/25/2014

The pearl of the Rappahannock River: Coming together in support of Virginia's thriving oyster industry
The (Warsaw, Va.) Northern Neck News 11/25/2014

Short to leave Clean Chesapeake Coalition
The Kent County (Md.) News 11/25/2014

Yaw Appointed to Chesapeake Bay Commission 11/25/2014

New Fee for Salisbury Property Owners
Delmarva Public Radio 11/25/2014

Zebra mussels collected in Chesapeake Bay
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/24/2014

New fee to pay for Salisbury stormwater fixes
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 11/24/2014

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center honors volunteers
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 11/25/2014

ESLC discusses the future of Eastern Shore farming
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 11/24/2014

Commissioners ask state to roll back rockfish limit
The Kent County (Md.) News 11/24/2104

Blue crab industry struggles persist in Va.
Associated Press 11/23/2014

Could Washington D.C. or Baltimore get Chesapeake “Bay effect” snow?
The Washington Post 11/21/2014

Reassessing the cost of bay cleanup
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 11/23/2014

Opinion: O'Malley phosphorous rules
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/24/2014

Opinion: State Sen. Bryan Simonaire writes about research into the need for dredging of the Susquehanna River behind the Conowingo Dam
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 11/22/2014,0,6347890.story

Opinion: Saving the Bay and growth
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 11/23/2014

Opinion: Virginia is open for oysters
The (Richmond, Va.) Times-Dispatch 11/22/2014

Opinion: Clean water is vital for success of Virginia business
The (Charlottesville, Va.) Daily Progress 11/23/2014

Opinion: LNG project is driving away worried residents
Southern Maryland Newspapers Online 11/21/2014

Opinion: We must all do our part to protect Maryland Waterways
Johns Hopkins Newsletter 11/20/2014

Opinion: Help restore the Chesapeake Bay through education about pollution
The Washington Post 11/18/2014

Opinion: Md. can enforce dam cleanup
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/18/2014

Opinion: What’s phosphorous tool good for? Absolutely nothing
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 11/18/2014

Opinion: Challenging climate-change causes
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 11/16/2014

Opinion: Rethinking Coastal Development In Virginia Beach
The (Baltimore, Md.) Daily Caller 11/14/2014

Opinion: Pollution from Conowingo dam has been overstated
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/13/2014

Opinion: Close Clean Water Act loophole
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/12/2014

Opinion: The young and no so restless
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/11/2014

Editorial: Rain tax repeal effort is misguided
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/21/2014

Editorial: From 'rain tax' comes street sweeping program
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/20/2014

Editorial: Phosphorus regulations necessary to protect Chesapeake Bay
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 11/17/2014

Editorial: Dredging isn't a bay cleanup shortcut
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 11/14/2014,0,2679895.story

Editorial: Beach towns should take rising sea levels seriously
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 11/12/2014

Editorial: Bay's annual loss of life
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 11/12/2014

Editorial: Bogus ideas on Bay restoration
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 11/9/2014

Editorial: Bogus ideas on Bay restoration
The Kent County (Md.) News 11/6/2014

Editorial: If You Like a Healthy Local Environment, Thank a NIMBY
Southern Maryland Headline News 11/5/2014

Editorial: Chesapeake Bay's worth outweighs costs of cleanup
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 10/9/2014

Editorial: Just what does Jim Perdue expect?
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 10/8/2014

Editorial: Cleaning up the Chesapeake
The (College Park, Md.) Diamondback 10/2/2014

Editorial:Toxic sediment coming from behind Conowingo Dam
The Kent County (Md.) News 10/2/2014

Editorial: Perdue chairman's complaints about Maryland don't add up
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 9/22/2014,0,5076223.story

Editorial: 'Rain tax' dithering
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 9/18/2014

Blog: Report sets out path to fracking in Maryland
B'More Green 11/25/2014

Blog: Baltimore Teens Take Out the Trash
In These Times 11/24/2014

Blog: 5 Mobile Apps to Put Washington in Your Pocket
Washingtonian 11/24/2014

Blog: Bay 101: Intersex Fish
Chesapeake Bay Program 11/20/2014

Blog: Gov. Martin O'Malley orders plan to achieve 80 percent greenhouse gas reduction by 2050
The (College Park, Md.) Diamondback 11/20/2014

Blog: Virginia Farm Bureau identifies critical issues for 2015
Southeast Farm Press 11/20/2014

Blog: Baltimore Passes Plastic Bag Ban
ASI 11/20/2014

Blog: Maryland could deny Exelon key permit to relicense Conowingo Dam
B'More Green 11/19/2014

Blog: Md. County To Churches: Preach Environmentalism, Get Tax Break
The Daily Caller 11/19/2014

Blog: Fracking to be allowed in Largest National Forest in Eastern United States
Maine News 11/19/2014

Blog: Farm Bureau Challenges EPA Authority Over States to Enforce TMDLs
Farm Futures 11/20/2014

Blog: Restoration Spotlight: Sustainability is the ultimate wine pairing
Chesapeake Bay Program 11/18/2014

Blog: Will Corporate Lobbyists and Conservative AGs Kill a Model Environmental Cleanup? 11/17/2014

Blog: Can the Grease this Holiday Season
Montgomery Community Media 11/17/2014

Blog: O'Malley faces deadline to act on farm regulation
B'More Green 11/14/2014

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