Bay News for Wednesday, July 30, 2014

EPA loses bridge builder with Bob Perciasepe’s departure as No. 2
The Washington Post 7/18/2014

In Forest Heights, tree initiatives take root
The Washington Post 7/27/2014

BGE and Constellation Employee Volunteers Team Up with the Waterfront Partnership and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to Support the Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Healthy Harbor Oyster Partnership
Business Wire 7/28/2014

Study: Sea levels drive up flooding
The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal 7/28/2014

Rising seas a potential danger to barrier islands in Virginia and abroad
The (Williamsburg) Virginia Gazette 7/28/2014,0,1451729.story

Bay region reports five Vibrio cases
The (Hollywood, Md.) Bay Net 7/28/2014

Lawmakers Fight Deceptive Labeling Of Imported Crab Meat 7/28/2014

In Chesapeake Bay waters warmed by summer sun, a deadly pathogen lies in wait
The Washington Post 7/26/2014

Terrapins view crab pots as playgrounds, not death traps
Bay Journal 7/27/2014

Anne Arundel could see early bay cleanup results close to home
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 7/25/2014

Oyster gardening: Volunteers wanted to help build Chesapeake Bay sanctuary reefs
The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press 7/26/2014,0,6183269.story

Report: Farm runoff might be sabotaging bay's 'pollution diet'
The (Newport News, Va.) Daily Press 7/27/2014,0,6493910.story

Crab-pickers entertain museum guests during Chesapeake People event
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 7/27/2014

USDA increases incentives for Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
The (Lewes, Del.) Cape Gazette 7/28/2014

Voting has begun to name Maryland's Famous Blue Crab
Maryland Newszap 7/28/2014

Menhaden concerns need to go to Richmond
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/28/2014

Opinion: Along river, nature is preserved for wildlife, people
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/29/2014

Opinion: The Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab need our help now — or never
The Washington Post 7/25/2014

Opinion: Sound bites won't do
The (Annapolis, Md.) Capital Gazette 7/22/2014

Opinion: Lawmakers are right to oppose 'pollution diet'
The Roanoke (Va.) Times 7/22/2014

Opinion: Wake Up to Danger of Saltwater Intrusion
The Cape Charles (Va.) Wave 7/21/2014

Opinion: Don’t be crabby over bushel prices
Southern Maryland Newspapers Online 7/18/2014

Opinion: Tax activities that do harm to the environment
The Baltimore (Md.) 7/16/2014,0,5278599.story

Opinion: White-tailed dear and rockfish
The (Dorchester, Md.) 7/16/2014

Goodlatte wrong about the Chesapeake Bay
The (Stauton, Va.) News Leader 7/16/2014

Opinion: Muddying the bay's waters
The Roanoke (Va.) Times 7/16/2014

Opinion: Environmental Propagandists Full Of It Over Dog Poo Run Off 7/14/2014

Opinion: A Pipeline Threatens Our Family Land
The New York Times 7/12/2014

Opinion: Legislation to clean up the Chesapeake Bay imperiled in the Senate
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/11/2014

Opinion: 10 Things You Should Know About the U.S. Seafood Supply
Food Safety News 7/14/2014

Editorial: Maryland must move forward with phosphorus regulations
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/28/2014,0,5671905.story

Editorial: Tighten Chesapeake coal waste regulations
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/22/2014

Knowledge amid a changing climate
The (Hampton Roads) Virginian-Pilot 7/20/2014

Editorial: At Harrisburg's water-sewer outfit, the grownups have taken charge
PennLive 7/9/2014

Editorial: The Environmental Protection Agency is swimming in murky water
The Washington Post 7/8/2014

Editorial: Eastern Shore boycott justified but doomed
The Baltimore (Md.) Sun 7/7/2014,0,4748548.story

Opinion: Harris attacks Bay cleanup
The (Easton, Md.) Star Democrat 7/4/2014

Editorial: New Bay cleanup pact sets clear course
The Star Democrat (MD) - 07/02/2014

Editorial: No harm in state panel on climate
The Charlottesville (VA) Daily Progress - 07/03/2014

Editorial: Our say: Bay Pact
The Annapolis (Md.) Capital-Gazette 06/21/2014

Editorial: Trying to agree on Chesapeake Bay cleanup
The Frederick (Md.) News-Post 06/23/2014

Editorial: Focus on facts about Chesapeake Bay
The (Salisbury, Md.) Daily Times 06/19/2014

Editorial: States commit to cleanup
The Carroll County (Md.) Times 6/18/2014

Editorial: Make the Fracking Recipe Public
The (Lynchburg, Va.) News & Advance 6/17/2014

Editorial: Chesapeake Bay health affects us
The (Cumberland, Md.) Sentinel 6/16/2014

Blog: Lawmakers urge Obama administration to act against deceptively labeled crab meat
Bay Journal 7/27/2014

Blog: How Virginia Can Meet and Exceed Its Targets under the EPA Power Plant Carbon Standard
Union of Concerned Scientists 7/28/2014

Blog: Water Wheel Cleans Baltimore Waterway
Millionaire Corner 7/28/2014

Blog: Chesapeake Bay Is So Warm Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infections Reach 10-Year High
Opposing Views 7/27/2014

Blog: Virginia aquaculture benefits the Bay and beyond
RVAnews 7/28/2014

Blog: Likely tornado kills at least three on Virginia portion of Delmarva
B'More Green 7/24/2014,0,495932.story

Blog: Getting Gritty: Local Partnerships Protect the Bay With Beer
Huffington Post DC 7/23/2014

Blog: Maryland gives gas export facility go-ahead
B'More Green 7/23/2014,0,5194597.story

Blog: 52 Organizations and Calvert County Residents to Governor O’Malley: Safety Assessment for Cove Point LNG Export Facility Needed
Food & Water Watch 7/23/2014

Blog: Chesapeake Bay oyster population poised for highest harvest since 1987
Undercurrent News 7/23/2014

Blog: Bay had smallest ‘dead zone’ on record for early July
Bay Journal 7/22/2014

Blog: Bull shark spotted at Sandy Point
B'More Green 7/22/2014,0,3414871.story

Blog: Scientists to Study Effects of Climate Change on the Chesapeake Bay
Newswise 7/22/2014

Blog: Maryland Department of Natural Resources links watermen with chefs
Chesapeake Bay Program 7/22/2014

Blog: Anacostia, Patapsco restoration projects receive funding
Chesapeake Bay Program 7/21/2014

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