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Keywords: Conowingo Dam

Addendum to the Fall Line Toxics 1992 Final Report 1994

Publication date: January 01, 1994 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

In an effort to quantify toxic contaminants entering Chesapeake Bay, the USEPA Chesapeake Bay Program compiled, as part of its BasinwideReduction Strategy, a Toxics Loading Inventory.  The Inventory estiamtes toxic contaminants enteringā€¦

The Conowingo Dam and Chesapeake Bay Water Quality

Publication date: January 15, 2013 | Type of document: Backgrounder | Download: Electronic Version

Each year, the Susquehanna River provides the Bay with one-quarter of its sediment loads. Working to curb these loads are three large reservoirs located along the lower portion of the river, each of which sits behind a dam. Theseā€¦

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