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Keywords: blue crabs

Chesapeake Bay: Introduction to an Ecosystem_1982

Publication date: January 01, 1982 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Down through the years, residents and vistors alike have found the Chesapeake imposing yet hospitable.  The Algonquin Indians called it "Chesepiooc" which loosely translates as the "Great Shellfish Bay."  The Spanish explorers named is…

Blue Crab 2005_Status of the Chesapeake Population and its Fisheries

Publication date: August 01, 2006 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Despite slight gains in abundance in 2005, estimates still place the Bay's crab stock (the number of crabs thought to be in the Bay) not far from the "precautionary line" established by the B-State Blue Crab Advisory Committee in 2001-a…

Annual Progress Report: Fishery Management Plans 1994

Publication date: October 01, 1995 | Type of document: Management Plan | Download: Electronic Version

As part of the process of establishing accountability and tracking the implementation of management actions, each fishery management plan (FMP) is annually reviewed and updated. This report reviews the progress of management plans…

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