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Keywords: chemical contaminants

Ambient Toxicity and Chemical Characterization of Four Bayside creeks of the Eastern Shore

Publication date: January 01, 2001 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The purpose of this study was to characterize selected bayside creeks of the Virginia portion of the Delmarva Pennisula with respect to chemistry and toxicity.  The peninsula is an area in which the primary land use is agriculture. …

Chesapeake Bay Fall Line Toxics Monitoring Program 1994 Final Report 1994

Publication date: May 01, 1996 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The Fall Line Toxics Program for 1994 is a continuation of a long term effort funded by the USEPA, Chesapeake Bay Program and the USGS cooperative program to make accurate load estimates of contaminants entering the Chesapeake Bay From…

Targeting Toxics: A Characterization Report A Tool for Directing Management & Monitoring Actions in the Chesapeake Bay's Tidal Rivers

Publication date: June 01, 1999 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Chemical contamination in water, sediment and/or in animal tissue us an importaant issue for peiople everywhere.  In the Chesapeake Bay region, scientists and managers have been carrying out a multi-step effort assess the Bay's tidal…

Chesapeake Bay Groundwater Toxics Loading Workshop Proceedings

Publication date: July 01, 1993 | Type of document: Report | Download: Electronic Version

The Chesapeake Bay Groundwater Toxics Loading Workshop was held April 15-16, 1992, at the U.S. EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office. Workshop participants reviewed and discussed available information on results from groundwater studies and…

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