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Adoption Statement - Fish Passage Goals

Publication date: January 09, 2005 | Type of document: Adoption Statement | Download: Electronic Version

The Chesapeake Bay Program signatory partners commit to adopting the Fish Passage Goal, as stated: "During the period 2005–2014, the Chesapeake Bay jurisdictions will complete 100 fish passage and/or dam removal projects, which will…

Restoring Migratory Fish Passage in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Publication date: February 23, 2004 | Type of document: Backgrounder | Download: Electronic Version

Over the past two centuries numerous mill dams, hydroelectric dams and small blockages were constructed, which prevented fish throughout the Bay watershed from reaching their natal rivers. Migratory fish populations consequently…

Shad in the Chesapeake Bay

Publication date: February 19, 2004 | Type of document: Backgrounder | Download: Electronic Version

River shad have long played a pivotal role in the history, culture and economy of the states that border the Chesapeake Bay.

American shad constituted one of the most important mid-Atlantic fishery until the early 20th century, but by…

Memorandum of Agreement on Little Falls Dam Fish Passage

Publication date: December 31, 1995 | Type of document: MOU/MOA | Download: Electronic Version

This Memorandum of Agreement establishes a general framework for cooperation and participation among the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, the Government of the District of…

Directive No. 93-4: Fish Passage Goals

Publication date: December 26, 1993 | Type of document: Directive | Download: Electronic Version

We the undersigned, adopt the Fish Passage Goals Policy in accordance with the Fish Passage Strategy adopted by the Executive Council in January of 1989. The Fish Passage Strategy states that all jurisdictions of the Chesapeake Bay…

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