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Keywords: invasive species

Hydrilla Verticillata in the Tidal Potomac River, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, 1983 and 1984

Publication date: January 01, 1985 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

During 1983 and 1984, information on the distribution and abundance of Hydrilla verticillata, and exotic submerged aquatic macrophyte from Sourtheast Asia, was collected in the tidal Potomac River.  Data were collected on four transects…

Chesapeake Bay Multispecies Modeling and Assessment Program (ChesMMAP) 2004

Publication date: February 02, 2004 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

This report is not a complete summary of data collected to-date, but is rather a presentation of the types of data available from sucha monitoring program.  similar reports with additional data will be prepared in the future, as will…

Final Report of Fishery Resource Grant Project 2015-01 Conducted by George Trice: Testing Experimental Collection Gears to Increase Harvest Efficiency of the Electrofishing Fishery targeting Introduced Blue Catfish in Virginia Waters

Publication date: | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The goal of the project was to design a more effective way to harvest invasive catfish (predominantly blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus) in Virginia waters stunned by low-frequency electrofishing (LFE).   LFE was conducted from May 18,…

Recommendations ffor (a) the Reauthorization of National Invasive Species Act of 1996, and (b) the National Ballast Management Program, to Address Issues of Concern for the Chesapeake Bay Region

Publication date: May 01, 2001 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The worldwide transfer and introduction of nonindigenous species (NIS) by human activities is having significant and unwanted ecological, economic, and human-health impacts.  Although marine invasions have received relatively little…

A Comprehensive List of Chesapeake Bay Basin Species 2007

Publication date: August 01, 2007 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

A Comprehensive List of Chesapeke Bay Basin Species 2007n provides a list of aquatic and aquatic-associated organisms found in recent decades in the Chespeake Bay Basin. The list is not exhaustive because a) it is based primarily on…

Introduction of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species-Implementation Plan

Publication date: August 01, 1996 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The Chesapeake Bay Policy for the Introduction of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species adopted by the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council in December 1993 (hereafter the Policy) is intended to minimize the economic and/or ecological risks…

A Comprehensive List of Chesapeake Bay Basin Species-1997

Publication date: February 01, 1997 | Type of document:

A Comprehensive List of Chesapeake Bay Basin Species 1997 is an update of a 1992 document published by the Environmental Protection Agency-Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBP/TRS 70/92).  It provides a list of aquatic-associated…

Invasive Catfish Policy Adoption Statement

Publication date: January 23, 2012 | Type of document: Adoption Statement | Download: Electronic Version

The Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team Executive Committee has concluded that the potential risk posed by blue catfish and flathead catfish on native species warrants action to examine potential measures to reduce densities…

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