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Land Use for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model 1990

Publication date: March 01, 1990 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

This report documents the methods used to refine and update land use data for the new Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model.  The origin of this work goes back to January 1983 when Northern Virginia Planning District C, Annadale, Virginia,…

First Annual Progress Report under the Chesapeake Bay Agreement 1985

Publication date: December 01, 1985 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The Chesapeake Bay Program findings clearly indicated that the Bay is an ecosystem in decline.  The Bay's ecosystem is complex and difficult to understand, but some of the links between problems and their causes became clear in the…

Maryland Water Quality Inventory 1986

Publication date: April 15, 1986 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The Patuxent River has been a major focal point for water quality management in Maryland for well over a decade.  As the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas have encroached on the Patuxent watershed, long-time residents…

Baywide Nutrient Reduction Strategy Progress Report 1989

Publication date: December 01, 1989 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

To better quantify NPS loads and the effect of all loads on the Bay, the Chesapeake Bay Program, beginning with the research phase in 1978, has placed high priority on the development of drainage basin and tidal mainstem models of the…

Current Approaches for Modeling Estuarine Ecosystem Processes

Publication date: January 01, 1995 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

A STAC workshop featured plenary presentations by leading modelers who are working on various approaches to ecosystem modeling.  These presentations simmarized state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies used in several important…

Ecosystem Process Modeling of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in the Lower Chesapeake Bay

Publication date: December 01, 1994 | Type of document:

the modeling studies reported here emphasize the polyhaline eelgrass habitats of the lower Chesapeake Bay, as a part of a larger program of ecosystem modeling sposored by the Living Resources Subcommittee of the Chesapeake Bay Program. …

Documentation for Scenario Builder

Publication date: January 04, 2013 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Creation of the Nutrient and Scenario Builder tool was achieved with the excellent assistance of the Chesapeake Bay Program Information Technology contractor’s team led by Jessica Rigelman. With her leadership, Jonathan Lewis, Robert…

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