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Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Plants for BNR Retrofits Using Advances in Technology

Publication date: May 01, 1999 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Full reports for each BNR evaluation were filed with the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office, the State Office with responsibility for Chesapeake Bay bactivities and enforcement, and the owner & Manager of the evaluated WWTP.  Summarized…

Baywide Nutrient Reduction Strategy Progress Report

Publication date: December 01, 1989 | Type of document:

In 1988, the Water Quality Task Group developed the Basinwide Nutrient Reduction Strategy.  The strategy describes state point and nonpoint source (NPS) programs designed to meet the agreement goal of reducing nutrient loads entering…

Vegetated Filter Strips for Agricultural Runoff Treatment

Publication date: August 01, 1987 | Type of document:

When data from all tests were averaged, mass losses of total suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphoru from bare source areas were reduced by 72%, 17%, and 41% respectively, by 4.6 m (15 ft) wide filters.  TSS, N, and P reductions by 9.2…

River Flow, Long-term Trends and Stream Health In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Publication date: May 09, 2011 | Type of document: Backgrounder | Download: Electronic Version

Backgrounder: River Flow, Long-term Trends and Stream Health In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

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