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Keywords: striped bass

Strategy for Removing Impediments to Migratory Fishes in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 1988

Publication date: December 01, 1988 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Of the 260 fish species that occur in the Chesapeake Bay, the most sought after by both sport and commercial fisherment are the migratory species.  These include "anadromous" fishes, such as striped bass, river herring,s turgeon and…

Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Management Plan Agreement Commitment Report 1989

Publication date: December 01, 1989 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

A comprehensive approach to managing Chesapeake Bay fisheries is needed because biological, physical, economic, and social aspects of the fisheries are shared among the Bay's jurisdictions.  The Chesapeake Bay Progran's Living Resources…

Annual Progress Report Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass fishery Management Plan 1991

Publication date: April 01, 1991 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Fishery was conducted during several periods in different locations from September 1990 through February 1991.  Systems were put in place to allocate the catch among different user groups, to monitor the…

Chesapeake Bay Strategy for the Restoration and Protection of Ecologically Valuable Species 1993

Publication date: September 01, 1993 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

Ecologically valuable species are defined in the Strategy as those species or groups of species that have significant functions in the ecosystem by:  1)regulating populations of other species (prey and predators); 2)regulating the…

Shrinking Striped Bass Habitat in Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound 1988

Publication date: September 01, 1988 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

This project seeks to develop strategies and priorities for arresting habitat deterioration and restoring lost habitats in estuaries through identification of critical zones for maintaining living resources.  It uses as an examle one…

The Second Progress Report under the 1987 Chesapeake Bay Agreement 1989

Publication date: December 01, 1989 | Type of document: | Download: Electronic Version

The 1987 Bay Agreement is analogous to the proverbial pebble cast into a pond:  the ripples move endlessly outward, their effects felt in an ever-widening circle.  This Second Progress Report attemtpts to track at least some of those…

Memorandum of Agreement on Little Falls Dam Fish Passage

Publication date: December 31, 1995 | Type of document: MOU/MOA | Download: Electronic Version

This Memorandum of Agreement establishes a general framework for cooperation and participation among the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, the Government of the District of…

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