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Estuarine and Watershed Mnitoring Using Remote Sensing Technology_Present Status and Future Trends

Published: January 01, 2002

This report provides a synopsis of material presented to the workshop on current and future capabilities for remote sensing of estuaries.  Clearly, this topic was not covered exhaustively in a workshop of this scale.  Rather, the meeting highlighted existing technologies and approaches that have direct bearing on management needs for Chesapeake Bay and that have shown promise when applied to estuarine and coastal waters and the watersheds that border them.  Recommendations that emerged in the discussion coalesce into several categories:

1.  Expand and Better Integrate In-situ Technologies;

2.  Expand the Use of Aircraft and Satellite-based Sensors;

3.  Increase the Use of Landsat Imagery; and

4.  Improve and Expand Wetlands Mapping.

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Originator: Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee; Maryland Sea Grant College

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