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Chesapeake Bay Fall Line Toxics Monitoring Program 1992 Interim Report: Organics Component

Published: April 01, 1994

This report summarizes results frp, tje March 1992 through September 1992 organic contaminants component of the Chesapeake Bay fall line toxics monitoring program.  All of the fall line fluvial samples described below in this report have been analyzed for the presence of organonitrogen and organ9ophosphorus pesticides in the dissolved phase (simazine, prometon, atrazine, diazionon, alachlor, malathion, metolachlor, cyznaine, and hexazinon), and organochlorine compounds in both dissolved and particulate phases (aldrin, oxychlorodance, alpha- and gamma-chlordane, dieldrin, 4, 4'-DDT, cis- and trans-permethrin, cis- and trans-fenvalerate, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs; 112 congeners)).

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