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Take Action

Welcome to the Chesapeake Bay Program Take Action section. Here you can find a bunch of ways to connect with the Chesapeake Bay and all it offers.

How to Begin Birding This Winter

Cold weather doesn’t have to keep you from exploring nature in the Bay region. Winter bird watching is a great way to learn more about local wildlife and contribute to citizen science.


For Bay restoration to be a success, we all must do our part. Our everyday actions - from fertilizing our lawns and using water to driving our cars to work and school - have a major impact on the Bay, one that can't be fixed by government and non-profit restoration partners alone. By making simple changes in our lives, each one of us can take part in restoring the Bay and its rivers for future generations to enjoy.

Photo Credit: ds4832/Flickr

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Plant more trees and shrubs in your yard to reduce erosion, capture runoff and provide habitat for wildlife.

Photo Credit: Envios/Flickr

Use Toxic-Free Personal Products

Use eco-friendly lotions, cosmetics and perfumes to keep toxic chemicals from washing off of our bodies and into our waterways.

Photo Credit: Marvin O./Flickr

Reduce Polluted Runoff

Apply no more than the recommended amount of deicer to melt ice on your steps or driveway.

Photo Credit: Peretz Partensky/Flickr

Reduce Sediment Pollution

Try to avoid using your boat in very shallow waters, where it can stir up sediment, harm sensitive habitats and put your propeller and hull at risk for damage.

Photo Credit: rolftoch/Flickr

Pick Up Pet Waste

Pick up after your pet. Pet waste contains nutrients and bacteria that can wash into local waterways if left on the ground.

Photo Credit: Patricia H. Schuette/Flickr

Reduce Waste

Instead of single-use products, use reusable cloth items like canvas grocery bags, cloth napkins or cloth diapers.

Photo Credit: tyger_lyllie / Flickr

Reduce Emissions

Carpool to work or school to reduce vehicle emissions that can pollute our air and water.

Photo Credit: ristok/Flickr

Clean Your Boat Properly

Use extreme caution when painting and cleaning your boat to avoid polluting the water.

Attend an event

Find a fun and exciting Bay-related event to attend with this list of upcoming events happening across the Chesapeake watershed. Events range from nature workshops for children and families to bird walks to restoration activities like trash clean-ups and invasive plant removals.

Lighthouse Adventure Cruise

07/11/2015 Calvert Marine Museum (Solomons,Maryland) - Lighthouse lovers are welcome aboard a private charter vessel for a day-long adventure! Participants will enjoy the Southern route - visit Point No Point, Point Lookout, and Smith Point Lighthouses - before stopping for lunch on Smith Island. After taking


07/11/2015 Calvert Marine Museum (Solomons,Maryland) - Come and experience all things shark, from 20-million-year-old shark's teeth to giant jaws to Shark Fact Stations, activities, films, and more. See Rocknoceros performing original rock music for children. One of the museum's most popular events. Sponsored

Sail on Skipjack Nathan of Dorchester

07/11/2015 Nathan of Dorchester (Cambridge,Maryland) - Enjoy a 2-Hour Sail on a traditional Chesapeake Bay skipjack on the beautiful Choptank River. Depart from Long Wharf, Cambridge. Each sail is unique depending on wind, weather, captain and crew. On most 2-hour sails we demonstrate oyster dredging. For

Pluto-Palooza Star Party and Laser Shows

07/11/2015 Virginia Living Museum (Newport News,Virginia) - Free sky observing begins at sunset at the Virginia Living Museum. Enjoy free NASA games, activities and crafts all about dwarf planet Pluto and the New Horizons space mission which will fly by the little world on July 14 (5-8:30 p.m.). At 5:30 in the pla

Sail on Skipjack Nathan of Dorchester

07/12/2015 Nathan of Dorchester (Cambridge,Maryland) - Enjoy a 1-Hour Sail on a traditional Chesapeake Bay skipjack on the beautiful Choptank River. Depart from Long Wharf, Cambridge. Each sail is unique depending on wind, weather, captain and crew. For credit card Reservations visit our website www.skipj

Join a group

See our directory of watershed organizations that includes contact information for more than 600 nonprofit organizations that are actively working to restore and conserve natural resources and create sustainable communities across the Chesapeake watershed.

watershed orgs

Looking to join a watershed organization near you? Enter your address below to find out what groups are doing great things to restore and protect the environment in your locality.

Visit the Chesapeake

Experiencing and Exploring American Battles - The 64,000 square miles that make up the Chesapeake Bay watershed are home to some of the nation's most historic and pivotal battles - conflicts that shaped the country as we know it. Experience and explore the stories behind some of America's most notable wars this Independence Day and learn how the Chesapeake played a significant role in the forming of the nation.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

The birthplace of the United States' National Anthem, this late 18th century star-shaped fort and national park guarded Baltimore's Harbor from the British attack that inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner." Relive colonial military history while visiting this historical monument.

Point Lookout State Park

Point Lookout State Park sits at the tip of Maryland's Western Shore on a peninsula formed by the Chesapeake and the Potomac. Swimming, fishing, boating and camping are just a few of the activities to be enjoyed; a museum shows how the park's peaceful surroundings belie its history as the location of a prison camp for more than 52,000 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Yorktown Visitor Center and Battlefield

Relive the Revolutionary War era and tour the tobacco port town during your visit to the battlefield that marks the final battle of the American Revolutionary War and the symbolic end to Colonial English America.

Great Bridge Lock Park

This historical landmark represents a Revolutionary War battlefield. Experience history as you visit the site of a monument that reflects the beginning of the American legacy.

Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Canoe, kayak or travel by rowboat along the Anacostia River from this park and learn about this shipping port that played a pivotal role in the War of 1812.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is one of the largest and oldest forested urban parks in the United States. In addition to offering numerous recreational opportunities, the park includes Civil War relics such as Pierce Mill, Battleground National Cemetery, and Fort Stevens, the site of the only Civil War battle to occur in the District of Columbia.

See more places to visit.

Public Access

Public access points are places anyone can visit to swim, hike, paddle or simply enjoy the history and natural beauty of the Chesapeake. Providing access to natural areas helps the public build a connection with the rivers, forests and wildlife of the Bay watershed. Check out our interactive map with over 1000 public access points around the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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