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Habitat GIT Steering Committee July Call

July 18, 2013 - July 18, 2013
Thursday 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Below are some tasks outlined specifically for the Habitat GIT in last weeks special Chesapeake Bay Program Management Board Retreat. That meeting was held specifically to address the proposed new Chesapeake Watershed Agreement, it's goals, outcomes, and time frame for development and obtaining public and partner engagement. The Management Board is asking the GIT to complete some tasks, probably in the next couple weeks.

Habitat GIT Tasks:
• Coordinate with the Fisheries GIT on language for them to consider moving forward as a potential Outcome statement for habitat specifically linked to priority fisheries restoration efforts. It may be more appropriate to relegate the discussion to Management Strategies, but if both GITs think it's possible to develop consensus for Outcome language linking habitat and sustainable fisheries needs, BY THIS FALL, we'd like to know that. If not, we'd like a recommendation on how to continue to address this need in the context of on-going Bay Program operations. Bruce was present and can clarify this.
• Develop language to acknowledge and communicate about the discrepancy between wetland acreages in the WIPs and the 75,00 acres in the goal. This is just so we are prepared to explain it when it is raised in the future. Do this for any corresponding WIP v Outcome discrepancies in the case of streams and forest buffers/conservation.
• Work with the Drafting Team (now being appointed) to develop plain language for the Goals and Outcomes to properly communicate the technically complex concepts of the current proposed Outcome language. For example, the public won't understand % increase in occupied "patch" size language. Can we convey that in a more straightforward way, without compromising the precision that will be reflected in the management strategies?
• Replace the xx in the SAV Outcome with an actual number. I think this will be based on modelling and the work is underway, right? Will this be finished by the fall?
• Help the Drafting Team resolve the 1000 acres/year v 120 communities concern raised with respect to the Forestry Outcome.

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Sponsor: Habitat Goal Implementation Team (GIT 2)

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