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Review of the Revised Toxics of Concern List

May 17, 2006 - May 17, 2006
Wednesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm




This workshop provided a forum to review the revised Toxics of Concern (TOC) list. This included assessing the appropriateness of data sources and how they were utilized, the methodology of the developed chemical ranking system used to prioritize chemicals, and clearly defining the intended uses of the list given its limitations and uncertainty. Furthermore, the review provided guidance for determining a 'cut-off' marker for the full list of prioritized chemicals in order to determine which chemicals are Toxics of Concern, Toxics of Potential Concern, or neither. The review was integral to meeting the CBP Toxics Subcommittee's commitments to the Chesapeake 2000 agreement to track 'Chemicals of Concern.'

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