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Social Science and Chesapeake Bay Restoration

March 10, 2011 - March 10, 2011
Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Historic Inns of Annapolis


Introduction Among scientists and policymakers in the Chesapeake Bay region, there is increasing recognition that 1) human dimensions need to be better integrated into efforts to restore ecosystem function, reduce pollution, and manage the sustainable use of natural resources, and 2) our understanding of the impacts of these human dimensions on restoration requires an integration of social science approaches. A myriad of human factors (e.g., Population growth, economic cycles, institutional structures and functions, and cultural and social diversity) generate complex social issues whose varied impacts on restoration strategies require research analysis and adaptive management. To date, there has been little assessment of the social context and how research findings can benefit and be integrated into restoration efforts.

This workshop will provide a forum for natural resource managers and social science researchers to identify priorities and opportunities for advancing the contribution of social science research to Chesapeake Bay restoration. Discussions will be structured around two themes: 1) analyzing and influencing environmental stewardship behaviors among watershed residents, managers, and leaders and 2) assessing and overcoming community, group, and organizational barriers to Bay restoration efforts. Through actions recommended by this workshop, we will lay the foundation for a constructive conversation between program managers and social science experts to increase the awareness of the benefits of social science research, and enhance integration of social science research into Bay restoration.

Sponsor: Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee

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