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Watershed Implementation Plans

Watershed Implementation Plans (also referred to as WIPs) are the next step in our continued progression toward a restored Chesapeake Bay. These plans consider such things as ecological restoration and sustainability while allowing for greater transparency and accountability for improved performance.

Each of the seven Bay watershed jurisdictions will create a WIP that documents how the jurisdiction will partner with federal and local governments to achieve and maintain water quality standards.

Around the time these WIPs are to be developed, a federal TMDL will require reductions of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment. This federal effort is intended to obtain water quality standards for each of the Bay’s tidal segments, tributaries and embayments listed as impaired under 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.

For more information about the TMDL process, including news and events, please visit the EPA's Chesapeake Bay TMDL website.

Final State Watershed Implementation Plans

Key Documents

To better understand the expectations and consequences laid out by EPA, please review the following documents:


To get involved in the process of developing or instating WIPs, or get answers to state-specific questions, please contact your state lead:


Contact, Agency



Jim George, MDE

(410) 537-3579


James Davis-Martin, DEQ

(804) 698-4298


Ted Tesler, DEP

(717) 772-5621


Diane Davis, DOE

(202) 741-0847

George Onyullo, DOE

(202) 727-6529


Jacqueline Lendrum, DEC

(518) 402-8086


Teresa Koon, DEP

(304) 926-0499 ext. 1020

David Montali, DEP

(304) 926-0499 ext. 1063


Jennifer Walls, DNREC

(302) 739-9062

John Schneider, DNREC

(302) 739-9949

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