How-To's and Tips: At Work

Our everyday actions—from fertilizing our lawns to driving our cars—have a major impact on the Bay. But by making simple changes in our lives, each one of us can take part in restoring the Bay and its rivers for future generations.

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    Tip: Reduce Waste

    Go paperless when possible. Email documents, share electronic files and review documents on a screen instead of printing to reduce the amount of waste produced.

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    Tip: Reduce Emissions

    To cut back on the emissions caused by commuting, encourage working from home or biking, taking public transit, carpooling or walking to work.

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    Tip: Save Energy

    Encourage co-workers to shut down their computers, power off their monitors and turn off the lights when they leave the office for the day.

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    Tip: Be Bay-Friendly at Work

    Encourage your coworkers to be Bay-friendly by packing trash-free lunches, recycling office paper or using less water and electricity.

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