Visit the Chesapeake

Explore your Chesapeake: wade into its waters, delve into its human stories, fall in love with its natural beauty. You can connect with the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers through its exceptional parks, wildlife refuges, museums, sailing ships, historic communities, trails and more.

Public Access

Public access points are places anyone can visit to swim, hike, paddle or simply enjoy the history and natural beauty of the Chesapeake. Providing access to natural areas helps the public build a connection with the rivers, forests and wildlife of the Bay watershed.

To find a public access site, simply enter a ZIP code or click and zoom on the map below. Or, you can download the full list of public access sites.

Find Your Chesapeake

Find Your Chesapeake helps you find places where you can experience the Chesapeake region's beauty, history, heritage and relaxation firsthand. Find places nearby by activity, trail name, or type of site. Take a suggested tour, build your own tour, and more!