Discover the Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Bay—the largest estuary in the United States—is an incredibly complex ecosystem. The Bay and its rivers, wetlands and forests provide homes, food and protection for countless animals and plants.

  • Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week

    Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week is an annual event that celebrates the culture, history and natural beauty of the nation’s largest estuary.

  • Bay 101

    Watch our series of short, informational videos to discover some of the issues affecting Bay health.

  • Field Guide

    Meet some of the thousands of species of plants and animals that call the Chesapeake region home.

  • Facts & Figures

    Uncover interesting details about the Bay's geography, flora and fauna with this list of facts and figures.

  • Ecosystem

    Learn how the Bay, its habitats and the plants and animals they support form a productive and complex ecosystem.

  • Watershed

    Explore the 64,000 square miles that make up the Bay watershed, home to more than 18 million people.

  • History

    Delve into the history of the Chesapeake region, from its formation millions of years ago to its culture today.

  • Photos & Videos

    View images and videos that highlight the beauty, life and culture of the Chesapeake region.

  • FAQ

    Search our frequently asked questions to learn about the Bay and its watershed, habitats and wildlife.

  • Glossary

    Use this reference guide to learn terms used to describe the Bay, its ecosystem and our restoration efforts.