Learn about some of the conservation practices that farmers are using in the Chesapeake Bay region

Learn about the importance of agriculture in the Chesapeake Bay region. Mark Dubin of the University of Maryland Extension and Jennifer Volk of the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension discuss agriculture’s impact on the Chesapeake Bay and conservation practices that farmers have employed to benefit the environment both locally and downstream.

  • Produced by Will Parson
  • Additional footage by Steve Droter
  • Music/Audio: Doctor Turtle, David Szesztay, Lee Rosevere, Robin Allender, and Art of Escapism via FreeMusicArchive.org
  • Special thanks to Mark Dubin, Jennifer Volk, Kelly Shenk, Bobby Whitescarver, Luke Brubaker, John Clough, Justin Clough, Mercer Vu Farms

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reed preslipsky
April 21, 2020

it was very cool

February 26, 2020

That’s very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 03, 2018

ok then

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