An Eastern Shore farm partnered with Washington College to manage native grasslands for wildlife

Chino Farms is a working farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that has committed a third of its land to native habitat for wildlife such as the northern bobwhite. See how researchers from Washington College Center for Environment & Society have helped bring back this popular bird.

In 1999, Chino Farms in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, turned land that had been used for row crops into 228 acres of rare, native grassland. Now part of Washington College Center for Environment and Society’s Chester River Field Research Station, the grassland provides excellent habitat for species such as the northern bobwhite quail, which has seen declines over the past several decades.

  • Produced by Will Parson
  • Additional footage by Dan Small/Washington College
  • Music/Audio: "A Certain Lightness" by Blue Dot Sessions via Free Music Archive

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Katie H
July 14, 2019

I live in rural eastern n c. I was so surprised this morning when I was greeted with the haunting song of a bobwhite in my wooded backyard. Hadn’t been gifted with this solo since early childhood. Made me stop…get silent…listen…savor what I thought was lost.

Helen S
July 08, 2019

I came to the eastern shore every summer as a child, and woke up to the sounds of the Bob White quail every morning. I have returned as an adult, purchased a home in Betterton, and miss hearing that call. I hope to hear it again someday outside my window.

Samuel B Pletenik
March 18, 2019

Sounds great I hope everything works out fine

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