Developing Watershed Management Plans

Tracking has been discontinued due to focus on implementing plans to reduce pollution.  Visit the Watershed Implementation Plans section of the Bay “Pollution Diet” website and the Reducing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sediment Pollution indicator pages for current information.


Protecting local watersheds is a complicated and challenging task. Watershed management plans are strategic guides that help local communities protect and restore  streams, forest buffers, wetlands, parks and other natural areas. Watershed plans preserve not only ecological health, but also the quality of life in communities.


The Bay Program had a goal to develop and implement watershed management plans for two-thirds of the total watershed acreage in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia (22.7 million acres) by 2010. 

Amount completed since 2005 (baseline year)

As of 2010, there are 13,999,385 acres that have watershed plans. Translating these plans into action will be essential to restoring water quality.

Amount completed in 2010

Watershed plans were developed for 54,018 acres in Maryland.


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