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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 from 11:00am - 12:30pm


WQGIT Submersion Series (2023)

The Submersion Series is a new quarterly discussion series hosted by the Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (WQGIT) to convene for exploratory, collaborative conversations on topics that rarely find sufficient time within our typical monthly meeting schedule. These conversations will seek to dive under the surface and challenge us to contribute and exchange ideas as partners with varied lived experiences.

The thoughts or questions expressed in this shared space are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of our organizations, the WQGIT and its leadership, or the Bay Program.

The title for this first webinar is:

Reviewing our accounting framework: How can we promote investment in innovation and outcome-based management?

Speakers: Joe Wood (Chesapeake Bay Foundation), Kurt Stephenson (Virginia Tech) and Zach Easton (Virginia Tech)

Please join us for a webinar focused on our non-point source crediting framework and how it influences Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. Speakers will review some of the challenges our current framework presents and explore new ideas with participants for how we can improve the partnership’s ability to incentivize real-world outcomes.

Participation expectations

Non-WQGIT members: All WQGIT meetings are public, and this event and discussion series is especially open to all who are interested in the subject matter and wish to contribute their time, thoughts or questions.

WQGIT members are encouraged to join, but this is outside of our normal meetings and there will be no decisions sought. If pertinent action items or next steps are identified they will be brought back to the WQGIT at a standing monthly meeting.

Minutes/notes will not be taken for this series.

Unlike normal WQGIT meetings, this series will be hosted and recorded via Zoom.

Please be advised: This series will be recorded with the intent to share the conversation with others (unlike standard meetings that are recorded only for internal accuracy of minutes/notes).

View the recording on YouTube here:

Questions? Contact the WQGIT Coordinator, Jeremy Hanson (


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