Two people paddle a shared kayak out of a marina and toward a wide open river, which is bordered on both sides by tree-covered hills.
(Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Join us from June 1 to 9, 2024, for Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week! Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week is a time to celebrate the cultures, history and natural beauty of the nation's largest estuary. The week will include a wide variety of online and in-person events, volunteer opportunities and social media conversations so everyone can take part in celebrating the Chesapeake Bay.

History and purpose

In 2016, the Chesapeake Bay Commission worked with their legislative partners to formally designate nine days each June as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week. This timing was chosen to correspond with two long-running Bay events: Clean the Bay Day in Virginia and the Patuxent River Wade-In in Maryland. Each year, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia pass official proclamations in honor of Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week. Several local county and city governments have followed suit. Organizations and business are also encouraged to hold events, activities and volunteer opportunities during this time.

The Chesapeake Bay Program is honored to coordinate this annual event, and will share more information about our 2024 plans as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week approaches.


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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Celebrate on social media

Join businesses, community organizations, local leaders and nature enthusiasts from across the watershed as we celebrate the Chesapeake Bay on social media.

This year, the theme of Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week is “Unsung Heroes of the Chesapeake Bay.” We're breaking the 9 days up into two different sub themes.

June 1-5 | Habitat Heroes: Nature’s Silent Protectors

Blue crabs, oysters and rockfish are some of the Bay's most iconic species—but what about the hundreds of other plant and animal species? From June 1-5, celebrate the lesser-known wildlife of the region, from American persimmon to Chesapeake logperch.

June 6-9 | Tide Turners: Recognizing Bay Advocates

The Chesapeake Bay watershed is full of amazing people who make this a special place to live in and visit. From June 6-9, highlight all the unsung people of the region, like farmers, conservationists, business owners, seafood harvesters and other Bay advocates.

Need ideas for your social posts? We've also created a list of sub themes you can follow.

  • June 1- Kicking off Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week
  • June 2- The science behind Chesapeake Bay restoration
  • June 3- The benefits of environmental protection
  • June 4- Rivers, streams and lands of the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • June 5- Wildlife and land conservation
  • June 6- Wildlife and land conservation
  • June 7- Forest protection and tree planting
  • June 8- Indigenous communities of the Chesapeake
  • June 9- Highlighting Individuals Chesapeake Bay advocates

Social media toolkit

Our social media toolkit includes sample posts, graphics and relevant content you can share throughout the nine days. Don’t forget to use #ChesapeakeBayAwarenessWeek when posting about the event!

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Review our collection of Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week photographs to use for social media posts, event materials, and other communications. Refer to our Terms of Use page for proper citation.

Virtual Background

Join us in celebrating Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week with a virtual background! You can use this background on all virtual meeting platforms.

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