• Chemical contaminants

    Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, metals and other toxic substances that can harm the health of both humans and wildlife.

  • Dissolved oxygen (DO)

    The amount of oxygen that is present in the water. It is measured in units of milligrams per liter (mg/L), or the milligrams of oxygen dissolved in a liter of water.  Just like humans, all of the Bay’s living creatures need oxygen to survive.

  • Ecosystem

    A natural unit formed by the interaction of a community of plants and animals with the environment in which they live. All of the elements of an ecosystem interact with each other in some way, depending on each other directly or indirectly.

  • Food chain/web

    A food chain is formed as one organism eats another. A food web is a system of interlocking and interdependent food chains, in which each organism supplies energy to another life form.

  • Mycobacteriosis

    An infectious disease that causes inflammation, tissue destruction and the formation of scar tissue in the organs of striped bass.

  • Predator

    An animal that hunts for and eats other plants or animals.

  • Prey

    A plant or animal that is hunted for and eaten by a predator.

  • Year class

    All of the fish of any species that hatched during one annual spawning period.

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