Eco-friendly Horse Pasture Management

Best management practices keep streams clean

Waredaca farm has been connecting the community with natural resources for more than 60 years. The farm sets an exemplary standard for livestock owners across the watershed.

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Eco-friendly Horse Pasture Management

Eleven Lighthouses You Can Visit Today

More than 30 lights still stand in the region

For more than 200 years, lighthouses have helped mariners navigate the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. To whet your appetite for our maritime history, check out our list of 11 lighthouses in the watershed. (Photo: E. Guy Stephens/Southern Maryland Photography)

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Eleven Lighthouses You Can Visit Today

Protecting Pollinators in the Chesapeake Bay

Educators house honeybees as teaching tool

For almost two decades, the Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center has raised honeybees in outdoor apiaries and indoor observation hives, using the insects to connect students with the natural world.

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Protecting Pollinators in the Chesapeake Bay

How to Recycle Your Electronics

Reduce waste the responsible way

Each year, between 22 and 55 tons of electronics are disposed of. Most end up in an incinerator or a landfill, but you can help keep our earth clean by recycling your phone, computer and other electronic devices. (Photo: rgordon/Flickr)

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How to Recycle Your Electronics

Five Things You Need to Know about Vibrio

The bacteria occur naturally in the Bay

One of the most talked-about bacteria in the Bay is Vibrio, which occurs naturally in warm estuarine waters. While infections in people are rare, they do take place. Learn how to avoid them with this list. (Photo: CDC/Wikimedia Commons)

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Five Things You Need to Know about Vibrio

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    Critter of the Month

    Gray Fox

    October's Critter - The gray fox has coarse, gray fur and a black-tipped tail. It can be found from southern Canada to northern Columbia and Venezuela.

    Featured Chesapeake Bay Websites

    • Chesapeake Bay TMDL

      Chesapeake Bay TMDL

      The EPA established a "pollution diet" to reduce nutrients and sediment in the Bay.

    • Bay Executive Order

      Bay Executive Order

      Calls on the federal government to lead a renewed effort to restore the Bay.

    • ChesapeakeStat


      A tool to assess progress and enhance accountability and transparency.

    • Maryland BayStat

      Maryland BayStat

      A powerful statewide tool designed to assess and coordinate Bay restoration.

    Landmark agreement guides Bay Program

    watershed agreement

    In 2014, our partners signed the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, establishing goals, outcomes and management strategies to guide the restoration of the Bay, its tributaries and the lands around them.

    Restoring Wetlands on Agricultural Lands

    Between 2010 and 2013, 6,098 acres of wetlands were established, rehabilitated or reestablished on agricultural lands in the Bay watershed.

    Photo Credit: thisisbossi / Flickr

    Reduce Polluted Runoff

    Wash your car on grass or gravel rather than pavement so soapy, grimy wash water won't run off your property.

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