Student is on a boat looking at monitoring equipment.
Interning through the Chesapeake Research Consortium’s C-StREAM program, Anna He supported a key Chesapeake Bay Program partner with efforts to monitor oyster reefs in the Bay. (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Each summer, the Chesapeake Bay Program offers interdisciplinary internships that allow students to explore their interests, build in-demand skills and network within the nation’s premier watershed restoration partnership.

As a partnership, the Chesapeake Bay Program is made up of various nonprofits, academic institutions, and state and federal agencies. While interns work within the Chesapeake Bay Program office, they are employed by one of these partner organizations.

All internships are located in Annapolis, Maryland, though hybrid work is available. The internships are paid and offer funding for conferences and educational opportunities, so that interns can get the most out of their experience at the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Current openings

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Meet previous interns

Caroline Grass

Communications Intern - Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
“The amazing people I worked with in the Communications Office would ask me if I wanted to try tasks ranging from creating social media posts and graphics, writing stories and more and saying yes gave me invaluable work experiences.”

Caroline joined the Communications Office following her freshman year at Ithaca College, where she studies journalism. During her summer internship, Caroline wrote articles about the Chesapeake Bay Program’s restoration projects, updated content on the partnership’s website and designed social media posts. Over the course of the internship, Caroline developed an interest in the Potomac River, a tributary of the Bay that extends to her hometown in Virginia, and wrote a series of articles related to the river.

Bianca Martinez Penn

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Intern - Chesapeake Research Consortium
“My favorite part has been meeting all the people and networking. Everyone's been awesome and helped in my career development.”

Originally from Washington, D.C., Bianca attends the University of Miami where she studies marine affairs and marine policy. In the summer of 2022, she became a C-StREAM intern working to help the Chesapeake Bay Program increase the racial and cultural diversity of its partners. She helped produce a map of potential partners that the Bay Program could support, developed allyship training and coordinated a panel of underrepresented audiences at an international conference. By the end of her internship, Bianca was so inspired by her community-level environmental work that she added sociology as a minor.

Wuillam Urvina

Water Quality Intern - Chesapeake Research Consortium
“Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of people that looked like me or that had a similar background working in the environmental field… As I continue in my own environmental career, I hope that I can be that role model.”

Before joining the Chesapeake Bay Program full time as a staffer to the Stewardship Goal Implementation Team, Wuillam served as an intern two years in a row. In the summer of 2019, Wuillam worked with the Water Quality Goal Implementation Team (GIT) and the Climate Resiliency Workgroup where he helped develop an interactive web tool that helps environmental researchers locate Bay Program resources, designed climate advisory posters that were exhibited at the Festival del Rio Anacostia and analyzed water quality data to improve the accuracy of a model used to predict nutrient deficiency. In 2020, he joined the partnership again to assist the Diversity Workgroup in analyzing the Bay Program’s network of partners to see how we can be more inclusive as an organization.