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The Chesapeake Bay Program website inspires students, teachers and the interested public to learn about the Chesapeake Bay and the actions they can take to protect and restore the environment. It also provides Chesapeake Bay Program staff and partners with meeting materials and other resources that support their day-to-day work. It is maintained in coordination with the Communications Team.

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ChesapeakeStat is the parent site for two web products that improve information-sharing and decision-making at the Chesapeake Bay Program. It explains how we’re governed and how we implement adaptive management on a partnership-wide scale.

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ChesapeakeProgress helps oversight groups track the Chesapeake Bay Program’s progress toward the goals and outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. It features accurate, up-to-date and accessible data and information on indicators of environmental health, restoration and stewardship.

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Wetlands Work

Wetlands Work connects agricultural landowners with programs that fund wetland restoration and planners who can guide them through the restoration process. It was developed and is maintained in coordination with the Wetland Workgroup.

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Chesapeake Behavior Change

Chesapeake Behavior Change helps organizations use Stewardship Index Survey data to create campaigns that will increase the number of residents taking on-the-ground actions to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay. It also serves as a repository for behavior change campaigns. It was developed and is maintained in coordination with the Stewardship Workgroup.

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Protect Local Waterways

Protect Local Waterways supports and informs decision-making by local government leaders across the Chesapeake Bay watershed, demonstrating the link between local actions to protect and restore the environment and local actions to support education, economic development, public health and safety, and infrastructure. It was developed in coordination with the Local Government Advisory Committee to the Chesapeake Executive Council and the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Local Leadership Workgroup.

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