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Climate Resiliency

Changing climatic and sea level conditions may alter the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and human activities, requiring adjustment to policies, programs and projects to successfully achieve our restoration and protection goals. This challenge requires careful monitoring and assessment of these impacts and application of this knowledge to policies, programs and projects.

Goal: Increase the resiliency of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including its living resources, habitats, public infrastructure and communities, to withstand adverse impacts from changing environmental and climate conditions.


Monitoring and Assessment Outcome: Continually monitor and assess the trends and likely impacts of changing climatic and sea level conditions on the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, including the effectiveness of restoration and protection policies, programs and projects.

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Adaptation Outcome: Continually pursue, design, and construct restoration and protection projects to enhance the resiliency of Bay and aquatic ecosystems from the impacts of coastal erosion, coastal flooding, more intense and more frequent storms and sea-level rise.

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