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BMP Verification Review Panel

Scope and Purpose


The Chesapeake Bay Program partnership has embarked on a precedent-setting process for developing a basinwide BMP verification framework supporting state specific BMP verification programs.  In addition to partnership adoption of a set of verification principles and development of sector focused verification protocols, an independent panel of national and regional verification experts will be established. The BMP Verification Review Panel will provide advice, feedback, and recommendations to the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership as it develops a BMP Verification Program for confirming nutrient and sediment reductions from the full array of best management practices and technologies implemented across all sources (agriculture, urban, on-site treatment systems, wastewater dischargers, etc.) in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.


The BMP Verification Review Panel (the Panel) will provide advice, feedback, and recommendations to the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership as it develops its Verification Program. 

The Panel will review and provide feedback on and recommendations for changes to the draft set of BMP verification principles.

Individual panel members will work directly with the appropriate source sector/habitat restoration workgroups, providing advice, feedback, and recommendations during the respective workgroup’s development of verification protocol specific to their sector/habitat.

The Panel will use the verification principles as criteria for assessing the strengths and any possible vulnerabilities in the state verification programs, providing written feedback and recommendations to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s BMP Verification Committee on each jurisdiction’s program.

The Panel will also evaluate whether the level of verification rigor is consistent across source sectors and across all seven watershed jurisdictions.

  • Dana York (Chair), Green Earth Connection
  • Rich Batiuk (Coordinator), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Curtis Dell, USDA Agricultural Research Service
  • Mike Gerel, Sustainable Northwest
  • Tim Gieseke, Ag Resource Strategies
  • Rebecca Hanmer, Retired
  • Dianna Hogan, U.S. Geological Survey Eastern Geographic Science Center
  • Richard Klein, Community and Environmental Defense Services
  • Andrew Sharpley, University of Arkansas
  • Tom Simpson,
  • Gordon Smith, Ecofor LLC
  • Rebecca Stack, District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)
  • Robert Traver, Villanova University, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Dana York, Green Earth Connection
  • Dan Zimmerman, Warwick Township

BMP Verification Review Panel’s Recommendations

Information and Additional Documentation Requested by BMP Verification Review Panel

During its December 6th, 2012 meeting, the Panelists asked for additional information and documentation.  The subsequent information and documents provided to the Panel are available below.

BMP Review Panel Charge & Operations

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