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The 2010 Chesapeake Bay Eutrophication Model

Published: December 22, 2010

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Model Package is a combination of interactive models. The Community Multi-Scale Air Quality Model and a set of regression models compute daily atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus loads to the Chesapeake Bay watershed and to the water surface. The Watershed Model (WSM) provides daily computations of flow, solids loads, and nutrient loads at the heads of major tributaries and along the shoreline below the tributary inputs. Flows from the WSM are one set of inputs to the CH3D (Computational Hydrodynamics in Three Dimensions) hydrodynamic model. CH3D computes surface level, three-dimensional velocities, and vertical diffusion on a time scale measured in minutes. Loads from the WSM and transport processes from CH3D drive the CE-QUAL-ICM (Corps of Engineers Integrated Compartment Water Quality Model) eutrophication model. ICM computes, in three dimensions, physical properties, algal production, and elements of the aquatic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, silica, and oxygen cycles.

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