Quick Facts

Species Type



Stem grow up to 7 inches in length; leaves grow up to 3 inches in length


Lakes, ponds and slow-flowing waters


Found throughout the the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Common in the continental United States and Canada.

Conservation Status



Stems are flat and grow up to 7 inches long. Buoyant leaves grow up to 3 inches long and feature a light-colored center stripe. This plant produces small, green-brown flowers.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Ribbon-leaf pondweed reproduces through a combination of seeds, sprigs and roots. Fruits and seeds begin to show during summer.

Did You Know?

  • The scientific name Potamogeton epihydrus comes from the Greek potamos, meaning “a river”; geiton, meaning “a neighbor”; epi, meaning “over or on”; and hydr, meaning “water”
  • It is often confused with flat-stemmed pondweed.
  • Ribbon-leaf pondweed provides food and habitat for waterfowl and aquatic animals.

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