Warming temperatures threaten a striking fish that depend on cool, clean water

Brook trout are a native fish that is a mainstay of the recreation industry in West Virginia. Climate change and the loss of forest cover along streams lead to warmer water temperatures, which threaten to shrink the brook trout's habitat range. Dustin Wichterman of Trout Unlimited helps restore West Virginia waterways for future generations by focusing restoration on groundwater-fed streams that will be more resilient to climate change. He is motivated to leave the environment in better shape for future fishing generations, including his daughter's.

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"Tapoco Critter" and "Bridgewalker by Blue Dot Sessions, "Moonlight Reprise" by Kai Engel, and "Hallon" by Christian Bjoerklund via FreeMusicArchive.org
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Dustin Wichterman and Caitlyn Johnstone



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