From the Field: Linking land and water in brook trout conservation

Restoring farm streams for brook trout habitat in Pendleton County, W.Va.

Brook trout play a critical role in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, but without cool, clean water, the fish cannot survive. Working in headwater states, Chesapeake Bay Program partners are promoting land conservation and habitat restoration as ways to clean up local waterways and conserve the iconic species.
Closed Captions:

  • Produced by Steve Droter
  • Additional footage by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Music/Audio: "Mille giraffons (Instrumental)" by Löhstana David

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November 05, 2019

I am very interested in this topic.

Mary Young-Lutz
April 01, 2013

I teach Environmental Science at Dominion High School in Sterling, VA. For the past four years, my school and several others have been raising and releasing brook trout through a program called “Trout in the Classroom.” Each October, we receive brook trout eggs from DGIF. Students monitor water quality and care for the fish. Then in April/May, we release them at a place determined by DGIF. It is an outstanding program.

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