The Chesapeake Bay Program leads the restoration effort through science and partnership

What does it take to restore a 64,000-square-mile watershed? Staff from the Chesapeake Bay Program as well as residents of the Chesapeake Bay watershed chronicle the partnership effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay as well as the lands and rivers that feed into it.

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Will Parson
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Sarah Anderson, Marcus Asante, Nancy Baker, Rich Batiuk, Carin Bisland, Rev. Johnny Calhoun, Fran Flanigan, Ida Hall, Jeni Keisman, Tyrone Meredith, Scott Phillips, Rocky Rice, Jonathan Quinn and Nan Zamorski



Samson Alagbe

The delibrate effort to keep life safe and robust through this project is worth everyone support one way or the other. I am glad the awareness got to me.

Romeo Mejia

It takes watershed program to restore 60,000

ethan frisbie

i think we need to protect our environment

Erica Figie

im doing a chesapeake bay watershed project at my school and I have to do research about the chesapeake bay watershed do you have any information that I can use

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