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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Webcast to describe the report and recommendations of the BMP expert panel for agricultural ditch management practices. Two-hour webcast will include Q&A. Featured panelist members/speakers include Ray Bryant (USDA ARS; Panel Chair), Laura Christianson (Univ. of Illinois) and Ann Baldwin (USDA NRCS). Target audience is individuals that expect to review and potentially comment on the panel's report, but any interested individuals are welcome. Appendices to the report and other materials will be posted here as they become available. Contact the panel coordinator, Jeremy Hanson, with any questions (feedback on the written report requested by COB October 7):; 410-267-5753 Webcast Recording Note: There was a 20-minute interruption to the live webcast, which occurred at approximately 1h 22m - 1h 23m in. The original recording was edited to remove most of the interruption, but some of the disturbance was left for context.
Other background This panel hosted its open session in August 2016:


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