Sustain state-identified healthy waters and watersheds, recognized for their high quality and/or high ecological value.


Many small, healthy watersheds in the Chesapeake Bay region are at risk of degradation as demand for local lands and resources increases. Promoting the long-term conservation and protection of healthy watersheds through stakeholder engagement, collaboration and education is critical to maintaining the health of the larger ecosystem.


Healthy Watersheds

Promoting the long-term conservation of healthy watersheds is critical to the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Healthy watersheds store carbon, provide wildlife with clean water and habitat, and are more resilient to the effects of invasive species and climate change. Healthy watersheds also generate ecosystem services and social and economic benefits that are difficult to replicate when restoring impaired watersheds. Thus, the maintenance of healthy watersheds is important for the ecosystems and communities that rely on them.
One-hundred percent of state-identified currently healthy waters and watersheds remain healthy.
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