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Lewis Linker is the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Modeling Coordinator and Team Leader for Science and Analysis in SAIB (CBP’s Science, Analysis, and Implementation Branch). Lew and his Modeling Team work with colleagues in the CBP partnership to develop linked models of the airshed, watershed, estuary, and living resources of the Chesapeake. The linked models of the Chesapeake provided the basis for the nutrient and sediment reductions in the historic 2010 Chesapeake TMDL for the ecological restoration of the Chesapeake watershed and tidal waters. The nutrient and sediment allocations of the Chesapeake TMDL will reduce Chesapeake nutrient and sediment loads by about a half and one third, respectively, from the high point of nutrient and sediment loading in the mid-1980's. Lew received his Masters from the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.