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The long-term success of the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort will depend on local leadership; local action will depend on strong citizen stewardship. Building a larger, broader and more diverse community of stewards for watershed restoration is needed to achieve the goals and outcomes outlined in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, as it is stewards who bring the action element that will move our work forward. There are more than 600 conservation and watershed organizations in our region that are educating and empowering citizens to restore and protect local rivers and streams. There are tens of thousands of local volunteers who donate their time and talent to our shared goals.

Goal: Increase the number and diversity of local citizen stewards and local governments that actively support and carry out the conservation and restoration activities that achieve healthy local streams, rivers and a vibrant Chesapeake Bay.


Citizen Stewardship Outcome: Increase the number and diversity of trained and mobilized citizen volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the health of their local watersheds.

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Local Leadership Outcome: Continually increase the knowledge and capacity of local officials on issues related to water resources and in the implementation of economic and policy incentives that will support local conservation actions.

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Diversity Outcome: Identify minority stakeholder groups that are not currently represented in the leadership, decision making and implementation of current conservation and restoration activities and create meaningful opportunities and programs to recruit and engage them in the Partnership’s efforts.

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