The brief squid grows to five inches in length. Its elongated body is covered in dark, pigment-filled spots that contract and expand to change the squid's color. It has large eyes and several arm-like tentacles that extend from its head.


The brief squid eats bottom-dwelling crustaceans, small fish and fish larvae.


When threated, squid shoot themselves backward with lightning speed. They may also emit an ink cloud to distract predators.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Females lay gelatinous, yolky egg masses. Eggs hatch into tiny, fully formed young squid.

Did You Know?

  • The brief squid is the only cephalopod in the Chesapeake Bay. Cephalopods (a word that means “head-foot”) are a type of mollusk with an internal shell that helps support the animal’s soft body.

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