Why are these bivalves so important to Bay health, and how are scientists helping to restore them?

Oysters are one of the most recognizable species in the Chesapeake Bay, and one of the most important to the health of its ecosystem. Listen as Stephanie Westby and Jay Lazar of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Andrew Button of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC), and Patrick Temple of Oyster Recovery Partnership explain the environmental role that oysters play and describe what scientists are doing as part of the largest oyster restoration project in the world.

Learn more about the Eastern Oyster in the Chesapeake Bay Program's online Field Guide.

Video Credits

Produced by
Will Parson

"3rd Chair" and “Well Water” by Blue Dot Sessions

Additional footage:
NOAA, Norfolk Public Library and USDA NRCS
Special thanks to
Stephanie Westby, Jay Lazar, David Bruce, Anna He, Andrew Button and Patrick Temple



Chesapeake Bay Program

Thanks for the feedback, Lisa. We have another page on our website with written information about oysters and how they're impacted by pollution: https://www.chesapeakebay.net/issues/oysters

Lisa Man

I wish that there would be more information in the writing not just the video. I don't have time to watch the long videos, so it is much easier to read.

zoe hagelin

this is such good informatoin thanks alot i loved the video

Tim Pfaff

Our children are the future. The education and outreach to the Youth will be a payback of exponential proportions.

Scott Muhammad

Thanks for the videos; my daughter is very interested in Bay preservation and stopping trash pollution. These videos will go a long way in helping her efforts!

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