Water connects, and so the goals of the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership are interwoven

Just as a watershed connects residents living upstream and downstream, the work of the Chesapeake Bay Program involves many cross-benefits and requires the collaboration of many stakeholders. Kristin Saunders, the Chesapeake Bay Program's Cross Program Coordinator, describes the interconnected work of the partnership's efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Will Parson

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Additional footage:
Carlin Stiehl and Steve Droter
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Kristin Saunders



jeanne trabulsi

Will an excess of 47 tons of Cadmium from almost two million solar panels from 13 solar power plants located in the Bay watershed leach and
contaminate the Chesapeake Bay? Will other problems, such as stormwater runoff, erosion, deforestation, and wetland destruction, arise from the construction of these power plants that are built near Watershed waterways? Is utilization of CdTe solar panels a good management practice to minimize impact on water quality, soil heath, and associated ecosystems? Should Cadmium be added to the pollution diet of the TMDL? @2024

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