See how much the Chesapeake Bay has changed since the 1930's through the eyes of an aerial photographer.

Aerial Photographer Hunter Harris shares his collection of "now & then" aerial photographs comparing his work with aerials taken in the 1930's by H. Robins Hollyday.

Video Credits

Produced by
Matt Rath
"BTNECK" by val blurock
Additional footage:
Hunter H. Harris (aerial photography) and H. Robins Hollyday/The Historical Society of Talbot County (1930s aerial photography)
Special thanks to
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum



Chesapeake Program

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about whether or not you can purchase a DVD that shows the “now and then” photography Mr. Harris references in the video. We recommend that you reach out to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum directly, as they have a much more intensive archive. Their contact information can be found here:

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