Maryland will provide more than $29 million in grants to upgrade wastewater treatment plants and septic systems, improve sewer systems, and restore stream banks to reduce pollution to the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers.

As much as $8.9 million will go toward Bay Restoration Fund grants to upgrade septic systems with nitrogen-reducing technology. Traditional septic systems do not remove nitrogen, instead delivering about 30 pounds of the pollutant each year to groundwater. Upgraded septic systems reduce nitrogen pollution discharges by half.

The La Plata wastewater treatment plant and the Broadneck water reclamation facility will both receive Bay Restoration Fund grants to implement Enhanced Nutrient Removal. After the upgrades, the facilities will reduce their nitrogen discharge by 62.5 percent. The La Plata wastewater treatment plant will receive $8.8 million and the Broadneck water reclamation facility will receive $7.5 million.

Other funded projects include:

  • Fixing an existing wastewater collection system near Braddock Run in Allegany County
  • Improvements to the combined sewer overflow system in Cumberland
  • Restoring three severely eroded stream banks along the Back River shoreline
  • Stabilizing and restoring two streams that discharge to Prince Georges County’s Greenbelt Lake
  • Providing public sewer to a community in St. Mary’s County where many septic systems are failing



Andrea Easy

I have a failing septic system and would like to know how to go about getting help to convert to sewer or upgrade. Dont know whats the best thing to do I live in Pg county and I am lost as to how to get my problem fixed. I need help ASAP

R. Jones

Looking for a grant that will replace or help financially with replacing a failing septic system. My family has 30 or less days to get the fix done.


I am trying to help my daughter find grant or even loan funds to replace her septic. She just bought a new home (first time home buyer) and it was not disclosed that her septic was bad. Her land will not perk and now it will cots up to $32 and she barely makes enough tot pay her mortgage. Is there any help available?? I don't know if it helps that she is a female minority home buyer???

Chesapeake Bay Program

The Maryland Department of the Environment still maintains the nitrogen-reducing septic upgrade program. You can find more information at:

Please contact the Wastewater Permits Division for more information: 410-537-3599

Clinton Wiles

We need a new drain field for my septic system, we are both on disability, can we be put on the list

Chesapeake Bay Program

This is not a grant program we manage, but the Maryland Department of the Environment oversees the Bay Restoration Fund Onsite Sewer Disposal System grant program which may be what the contractor was talking about:

Ken Jackson

I have lived in my home for 40 years. the house next door just put in a grinder system to get on city public sewer system. I spoke to his contractor and he told me about this Grant. can you explain to me what is involved in getting a grant and how much would the grant cover. I think it is about time to change. any information would be great.

Constance West

I have a failing septic system how do I get on the grant list?

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