About the Presentation

Like the Narrative Analysis, the Presentation identifies progress and indicates whether the Chesapeake Bay Program’s assumptions about an outcome have changed based on the information learned over the past two years. It also describes whether the partnership’s actions are having the intended effect and whether the partnership should make adaptations or change its course.

Unlike the Narrative Analysis, the Presentation focuses on the most important parts of a progress review: the information that supports a workgroup or Goal Implementation Team’s (GIT) recommendations or requests for action, support or assistance from the Management Board. Each recommendation or request should be traced to an action that is meant to manage a factor or fill a gap that, if not addressed, could hinder the Chesapeake Bay Program’s progress toward an outcome.

The Presentation also summarizes the general direction for the new two-year Logic & Action Plan and any changes the workgroup anticipates making to its Management Strategy. This feedback loop provides opportunities for input and promotes broad partnership learning which improves overall progress toward our commitments.

How to Complete the Presentation

To complete a Presentation, workgroups and GITs should add their own information to the Presentation template. Additional instructions can be found in the notes section of each slide.