Scope and Purpose

The long-term success and sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort will ultimately depend on the actions and support of the 17 million residents of the region who call the watershed home.   The cumulative impact of these millions of individuals and their daily actions can both positively and negatively affect the health of watersheds, streams and rivers.   Hundreds of local conservation and watershed organizations in addition to a growing number of community associations, religious institutions and others are leading efforts at the local scale to engage and empower citizens to restore local streams, reduce pollution, protect the environment and improve their communities.   The efforts of these groups and of community leaders also result in an ever increasing number of citizens adopting behaviors and taking individual actions that ultimately reduce our collective impact on the Bay. 

The 2014 Agreement contained a Citizen Stewardship Outcome to, “Increase the number and diversity of trained and mobilized citizen volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the health of their local watersheds."   The Citizen Stewardship team has formed to facilitate the implementation of this Citizen Stewardship Outcome.   The team includes representation from federal, state, local and non-profit partners responsible and committed to citizen stewardship activities.