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Hadijah “Dede” Lawal joined the Chesapeake Research Consortium in 2023 as staff for the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Habitat Goal Implementation Team. As a staffer, Dede is responsible for supporting the wetlands, American black duck, and submerged aquatic vegetation workgroups. Dede graduated from Emory University in 2019 with a bachelor’s in Environmental Science. After graduation, she joined the Chesapeake Conservation Corps where she worked with Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary assisting with environmental education, volunteer, and citizen science programing. In 2022, she completed her Masters in Environment and Sustainability from University of Michigan with a concentration in ecosystem science and management. For her master’s project she worked with the indigenous group, Wyandot of Anderdon, to create a site design and management plan for a parcel of culturally significant land.