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Cross-Media Models for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and Airshed

Published: November 16, 1999

A continuous deterministic environmental model of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (HSPF), linked to an atmospheric deposition model (RADM) is used to examine nutrient loads to the Chesapeake Bay under different management scenarios. Model structures and calibration are generally described. Averaged over a ten-year simulation, loads under a limit-of-technology setting throughout the watershed are a 50% and 65% reduction from loads reflecting 1985 condition and in total nitrogen and total phosphorus, respectively. Urban loads which include discharges from point sources, on-site wastewater, disposal systems, combined sewer overflows and both pervious and impervious non-point sources, have the highest nutrient fluxes to the Chesapeake Bay among major land uses.

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